Technical Brain TBP-Zero EX Monoblock Amps 

Retail $69995, sell for $17500

The Technical Brain TBP-Zero EX Monoblock amps produce an amazing sense of realism.  The amps are a zero feedback, fully balanced, solid-state monoblock power amplifier with a rated output power: 350W/8 ohms (700W/4 ohms, 1400W/2 ohms).  The amps come with captive 8' power cords from Silent Source/Technical Brain.  The amps are in excellent shape with no issues.  The amps need to be shipped via freightline.  The former distributor identified this pair of amps as the one used in the rave review from Jonathan Valin at the Absolute Sound.  His comments included this conclusion: 
"It will come as no surprise that the Technical Brain TBP-Zero EX monoblock amps and TBC-Zero EX linestage are my new solid-state references. They are almost the exact electronic equivalents of the Magico Q5 loudspeakers (with which they mate up superbly well-- though I've also heard Technical Brain sound extraordinary with Magneplanar 1.7s and 3.7s, Nola Baby Grand References, and Morel Fat Ladies). The highest-resolution, highest-speed, lowest-coloration solid-state electronics I've yet reviewed, they eliminate the slight reduction, blunting, and blurring of energy that emitter-resistors apparently cause, increasing the realism of truly well-recorded instruments and vocalists by reproducing their transients, timbres, and decays wth greater fidelity. They earn my highest recommendation."

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